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The talent game has changed and a strong employment brand is one of the keys of winning the War for the A-performers. Corporate Human Resource Departments now plays a proactive role with strategic mission in talent management by driving the development, goals and leadership of the organization, and building it to a compelling employment brand and finally gets the story communicated to the A-Performers.

Online recruitment advertising offers many unmatched advantages over traditional print media such as speed, boundary of reach, unlimited information, responsiveness, cost and degree of control. Its wide acceptance and growing popularity is evidenced by the exponential growth of the world-wide on-line recruitment advertising market as an extraordinarily efficient tool in recruitment. delivers a new recruitment advertising experience for the new talent game - an incomparable professional multimedia information platform for employers to effectively promote and communicate their employment brands on-line to the best and brightest talent from the Greater China business communities. brings you unmatched advantages to Maximize Your Brand Exposure

  • Publishing Information "Un-Limited"
    Employers can fully leverage on the unlimited cyberspace of powerful multimedia information platform, providing not just job postings but a full-fledged employer's electronic brochure of compelling corporate information including corporate culture, values and leadership style and vision. Other useful company information such as press releases, news link or investor information can also be included on-line to facilitate the A-performers to make a wise and well-informed career decision.

  • Track Record that You can Trust from the Region's Most Influential Business Media Publisher is operated under Sing Tao News Corporation, Greater China's media conglomerate and publisher two of the region's longest standing and most influential daily newspaper, the Sing Tao Daily and The Standard. The Group owns a group of high-profile readership and maintains a profound network of Chinese business leadership in the region. In recent years, the Group has been the host and key sponsor of a number high-profile business forum including "Leader of the Year Awards" in Hong Kong, "The CEO Forum" in Beijing, "BOAO Forum for Asia" in Hainan and "Asia Leadership Forum" in Shanghai.

  • As a member of an authoritative media group, will continue to bring the high standard of professional practice of the publishing industry into our service, where accurate and timely dissimilation of your information, bringing high quality and insightful business stories from Greater China will be our top service priorities.

  • Networking and Community offers not only an online database of fine candidates in Greater China, but a career community center for professional elites, who are being featured in "A-Performers on The Move" and "A-Performers' Stories". Such elite executive environment flourishes community building and peer-to-peer dialogue for bright, upwardly mobile career activists. In other words, offers a value proposition that appeals to those who are not looking for a job but who are interested in being the best they can be. is your only partner that keeps you in touch with the talented; it is also where the candidates you want to hire networking online.

Today, outselling the competition for A-Performers is a core competency of business success. Here at, we are your ONLY partner that knows the rules and be able to collaborate with you to outsell your organization to win the War of Talent.

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